About Chris Novinger


Chris Novinger

Chris Novinger is a man who believes in the value of service.  He has been involved in public service since he was 14. He believes in community leadership through service.  For 8 years now, Chris has been a volunteer pastor at his church, Creekwood Church of Mansfield, Texas.

According to Chris Novinger, “I align all of my practices on core values and my sense of integrity is predicated on living a Christ centered life.”  Chris Novinger does not compartmentalize his life in the way many people do.  His philosophies are pervasive through every aspect of his life.  He treats the people of his community, his family, and his clients alike, with equal measures of care and concern.  Chris promotes stability, security, and avenues for growth in each community he is a part of.

Since its inception, Creekwood Church has been an institution dedicated to serving as a supporting structure for the Mansfield, Texas community.   The church website states that they believe that, “Everyone is a ‘10’ at something.  The church does not exist for us.  We are the Church and we exist for the world.  We all want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.”

Chris Novinger’s “Christ centered” life, supported by the ideals of Creekwood Church in Mansfield, has most definitely extended itself beyond the church to his family; Extended from beyond his family to his community. He extends it even past his community to his clients.  Chris’ investment strategies in business are low risk and specifically tailored to each client, providing for them what he would accept for himself and his family.

When Chris makes a financial plan for a client, he knows what his priorities should be.  Chris Novinger is the author of the Client Profile Assessment.  This document is an innovative way for financial planners to understand not only their clients’ goals, but also how to make them feel comfortable about their prospects and secure in their futures.

Creekwood Church preaches, “Serving fulfills why God created us.”  Chris has taken this message to heart and has employed it throughout his life and career.  Chris is a trailblazer when it comes to customer service in the financial industry and has improved the lives of his clients by being a force they can trust. Chis has proved he is a force all can trust. His vast circle of family, friends, church members and clients attest to this fact.