Charity Volunteering an Philanthropy: 5 Things to Give Thanks For

Thanksgiving is near and in the world of charity, volunteering, and philanthropy there is much to be thankful for. The roof over our heads, our families sitting next to us, the ability to eat delicious food and share it with important people are all things that the holiday season brings forth. For the philanthropic world, there are five key trends that have many thankful chris novingerthis year.

The neo-rich entrepreneur class is giving much back.
The business world has seen the rise of young savvy business men with an inkling towards giving money to noble causes. GoPro founder Nick Woodson allotted $500 million after his company went public this past year, along with Oculus founder who gave $31 million to alma mater.

The rise of technology and what it means for charity.
The speed at which global crisis happens is only matched in today’s world by the rate at which it is reported to the masses. We have seen funders give money towards the Ebola outbreak without hesitation to try to curb its advanced assault on the human race.

Health improvement initiative.
A new-found health and fitness movement is sweeping the nation and the charity groups that aim to continue that and provide healthy foods to those in need are backed by great acts of giving.

Old Money.
Contrary to popular belief, those who have been born into money as of late have picked up the giving bug. These heirs and heiresses have started great charitable causes to give to those less fortunate, as well as giving to other foundations.

Foundational transparency.
For decades when anyone would make a donation to a foundation, the money would disappear, leaving the philanthropist blind to where that money went. With a new initiative this year, big foundations are opening their books much more and showing all of their allocations towards the relief or charity they claim to support.

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